Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: If you have a requirement for a low cost – high functionality surveillance then why not take advantage of the revolution in CCTV by choosing a digital network camera system.

Digital network cameras dramatically reduce installation & running costs when compare to conventional analogue systems as they take advantage of standard personal computers & network components including broadband modems & routers.  

Camera views & controls are accessible via standard internet browsers such as Internet Explorer both locally to the camera site and also remotely over the Internet – this means you can monitor your property or business from anywhere in the world!

Our network cameras are supplied complete with powerful viewing software which allows multiple camera viewing, recording and motion detection.

Motion detection is a formidable security feature which can trigger alarms, record or even send e-mails and text messages to alert you in the event of a disturbance.

Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the icons and their meaning below, this will help you find the right camera for your needs.  

If you require further assistance please contact one of our sales team by phone, email or drop into our showroom, and they will be happy to talk to you about your requirements.     
Rounded Rectangle: Overview 
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), is a network that uses radio signals rather than direct cables to exchange information. 
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: Local Area Network (LAN), allows you to connect your camera to a wired network using a standard RJ45 Ethernet lead
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: Connect your camera to your standard USB port on your PC to set the camera up or use the camera as a web-cam.
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: With the use of a GSM router the video from your camera can be transmitted over the mobile phone network, used for remote location with no internet access.
STN Systems
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: Audio output, a line-out output enables a speaker to be connected to transmitted audio to the camera over the internet / local network.
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: The figure given in this symbol is the viewable angle of the camera in degrees.   
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: Resolution is given in pixels high by pixels wide, the higher the number of pixels the better the quality of image will be.
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: The camera’s ability to gathering light is measured in LUX, the lower the number, the better the image will be in low light conditions.
Typical light levels are:
Full Summer Sunlight: 		50,000 Lux
Dull Daylight: 			10,000 Lux
Shop/Office environment: 	500 Lux
Dawn/Dusk: 			1 - 10 Lux
Main Street Lighting: 		30 Lux
Side Street Lighting: 		0.5 - 3 Lux
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: Night vision cameras use a Infra Red LED array to illuminate the area you wish to monitor, the figure quoted is the distance from the camera the array will illuminate in meters.
Rounded Rectangle:


Rounded Rectangle: Indoor cameras are for use in a dry environment.
Rounded Rectangle: Indoor/outdoor cameras are primarily for indoor use but can be supplied with an optional housing to enable the camera use outside in all weathers.
Rounded Rectangle: Outdoor cameras are supplied, fitted into a housing suitable for mounting outside in all weathers.
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: Audio input, a microphone built into the camera allows audio to be transmitted with the image.
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: The Pan / Tilt function allows the user to rotate the camera left or right and up and down.  This functions can be control via software or a dedicated controller.
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: Power over Ethernet is becoming  a increasingly populate way to power your device.  Eliminating the need to run a separate power lead by injecting power into the Ethernet lead.  A PoE injector is needed.
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) enable the camera to automatically be seen on a UPnP compliant       network.
Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: Is a software feature, the software enlarges the area you wish to view closer and crops the remaining image, using the digital zoom function will result in lower resolution images.

Rounded Rectangle: True zoom function using the cameras lens to magnify the image, no loss in image quality.